About ServiceO

About Us

Serviceo, a subsidiary of Iron Systems Inc. is a platform for efficiently managing the ‘behind the scenes’ challenges of providing IT Field Services from a single point of control. For almost two decades – Iron Systems has continuously evolved with the IT Support industry and recognized the needs of modern enterprises that face the difficulties or shortcomings of traditional ITOs and MSPs. As a self-service platform, Serviceo is a game-changer for all enterprises that wish to regain control and quality of IT Field Services, without the need to organize and deploy the required infrastructure to provide high quality Field Services. Serviceo offers an innovative software platform that leverages over a decade of industry experience with flexible business models that cater to all types of customers.

Our Mission

The Serviceo mission is to provide the modern enterprise with the tools and resources needed to augment and extent their global capability. Serviceo is a new technology driven platform that fundamentally improves the methods in which global IT Field Services are delivered.

Our Commitment

Serviceo is committed to offering an ever expanding portfolio of services through the Serviceo platform. The development team is tasked to build technology driven tools that improve the way IT Field Services are obtained. Serviceo demonstrates its commitment to customer success by offering flexible business models through constant feedback & innovation to the Serviceo online platform.

Service Global

Launched in 2018 - Serviceo has been adopted by industry leading organizations to streamline global IT Field Service delivery. Through the Serviceo online portal - IT Leaders have complete visibility of services, from start to finish, with full control to ensure maximum quality.

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